6 Habits That Destroy Your Otherwise Healthy Lifestyle

Creating a healthy lifestyle is all about habit.  Just like good habits, there are also bad habits.  Some of them are killing your healthy lifestyle journey, and you may not even realize it.

  1. Lack of Sleep:  Sometimes, life requires you to lose sleep, and that’s ok.  The problem is not a few nights of lack of sleep, the problem becomes too many nights without adequate sleep. Sleep is so crucial.  I know we all know how awful it feels after consistent sleep deprivation.  What many people may not know is that lack of sleep triggers an increase of cortisol hormone to be released in our bodies, which may cause us to bloat and have difficulty losing weight.  Without Sleep our bodies cannot properly repair the muscles we just worked out.
  2. Restriction:  Leading a restrictive diet, leads to binges and constant yo-yoing and that’s not what we want.  I’ve said time and time again it’s about establishing a balance of consuming more health foods than junk foods.
  3. No Exercise or No clean foods:  Sometimes eating clean is the easiest part of the nutrition and fitness equation.  For others exercise is the easy part!  But they go hand in hand! Not exercising or not eating clean but doing the other is only half of it and yields not so great results.
  4. Alcohol:  Going ham on the drinks during the weekend, EVERY weekend, is KILLER to your healthy lifestyle.
  5. Not reading nutrition labels:  Never go by the front of the packaging, read the label and pay attention to the ingredients!
  6. Not Meal Prepping:  Buying “healthy” foods from restaurants is no where near as good as prepping and cooking your own foods where YOU control everything.  Sometimes the cleaner options are still loaded with hidden salt or sugar.

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