What the Trainer you Hired should have done on your first Session

Congratulations in taking the first step towards investing in your fitness and hiring a personal trainer, whether it be online or in person!

It is very important that you stay mindful about the fact that not all personal trainers are equal.  Some are better and more knowledgable than others!  Every personal trainer you hire should always communicate with you that before you even begin training they need to determine what you and your body are capable of doing.  The reason I emphasized the two is because sometimes your body says you are capable of more or less than what you think.  By the way I am not talking about the dumb 1 mile run or how many push ups, sit ups,  or air squats you can do in a minute.  If they don’t cater the exercise to YOUR body and not just your goals, is it really personal training? After all, that’s what your investing a little bit more for.

When you train with me, online or in person.  Before I even begin to formulate a workout program I do the following:

  • Medical Questionnaire: To determine if I need to prescribe specific exercise for a specific condition or to determine if you need medical clearance in order to even begin exercise.  Some people aren’t aware they need it.
  • Behavioral Questionnaire:  So that I can see how your lifestyle may influence your potential fitness level
  • Flexibility Assessment: What kind of muscular or skeletal imbalances does your body have that I may need to fix in order to allow you to effectively perform an exercise?
  • Strength:  What weight can I start you at?  Starting lower is better than starting higher, but the last thing you want is to start with more than what you think you can handle and you get hurt.
  • Endurance:  Where’s you cardio at? How can I improve it?

Even if you do not train with me EVERYONE should take my needs analysis.  I send back a report of the following

  • All of my findings
  • exercises to help fix your imbalances (yes, we ALL have them)
  • Stretches you should be focusing on at the end of your workouts

Take My Needs Analysis

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