5 Bizarre Sounding Fitness Facts That Are Actually True

  1. Want to fit into a smaller pant size? Lift heavier weight.  If you are overweight, shift your focus to gaining muscle and losing fat by spending more time with dumbbells and barbless and a little less time on the elliptical.  Muscle takes up less space than fat, but is more dense than fat so weight loss may not always reflect on the scale, but yes on the pant sizes!
  2. Want to lose weight? Eat More:  Consuming 1200 calories in donuts and empty calories will yield different results compared to 1400 calories rich in whole food, fruits, and vegetables.  (hint: you will lose more consuming 1400 calories in whole foods)
  3. Want to lose the bloat?  Drink more water!  You’d think that more water would mean more water weight.  But not always!  Water can stimulate the release of excess water retention and can also help alleviate any bloating by helping your body actually use the restroom (water stimulates bowel movement).
  4. Exercise if you are tired:  If you are exhausted it may be a good idea to bring down intensity, but it is still important as exercise energizes.
  5. Not drinking diet soda will help you lose weight:  Research has actually shown that individuals who consume diet soda end up eating more calories daily!  Swap your diet sodas, regular sodas, and sugar filled juices for water

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