5 Simple Ways To Cut Out Junk Food

Like I’ve said in so many of my previous posts, I never like to take extreme sides as I’m an advocate for balance.  Junk food is something we need to cut down on, but don’t need to completely cut out.  Here are 5 simple way to cut out junk food that work for me and many of my clients.

  1. Do not buy junk foods at the grocery store.  Keep good food in the fridge and you only eat good food.
  2. Do not buy sodas, juices, etc.  at the grocery store.  We do not want to drink our calories while we are at home.  Replace those beverages with water!
  3. When you are eating out, choose between eating your calories or drinking your calories, but not both.  Doing this helps you to cut back on total empty calories consumes.
  4. Limit how many times you purchase a meal on the road or at a restaurant to 2x a week max
  5. MEAL PREP:  It doesn’t have to be complicated!  Most o my meal prepping for the week takes 60 minutes to do on a Sunday.  Not only does it save you money, but you are controlling what goes into your food.

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