6 Tips For Making Your Shopping Trips Healthier

The grocery store is one of my favorite places, so many fresh produce and beautiful colors.  But it’s also one of the most complicated places for someone who is brand new to their journey.  Here are 6 tips for making your shopping trips healthier:

  1. Never go on an empty stomach:  We’ve all been there, but have you noticed that you spend more and put more junk into your cart when you go hungry?  Make it a point to have a meal before you head out to avoid over spending and overindulging.
  2. Read the Labels:  And by label I don’t mean the front of the package with all of the sneaky labels.  I mean the ingredients and nutrient content.
  3. Avoid the aisles:  Not all of the aisles, but most!   Why?  Your groceries should be 90% fresh produce, the aisles are ridded with boxed foods and junk.  You want the majority of your diet to be fresh WHOLE foods that rot relatively quickly.
  4. Start with produce:  When you begin to fill up your cart with whole foods, by the time you get to the grains and aisles, you already see a full cart and mentally think you’re almost done.
  5. Make a List:  Make a list of everything you need to buy!  It cuts time, cost, and random stowaways from making it to the cart.
  6. Go with a water bottle.  If by some reason you start to feel hungry, sipping on water can keep the hunger at bay and avoid those crazy items making it into your cart.


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