4 Diet Tips To Help You Stick With It Till The End

Tip #1: Get the word Diet out of your vocabulary.  Diets do not work, they are temporary and teach you nothing but restriction and misery.

Tip #2: Replace the word diet with LIFESTYLE change.  Healthy eating is for life.  It is not for 5 days so you can look good to impress your ex-boyfriend, or one month crash diet to fit in your halloween costume.  It’s for LIFE so that you not only reach your goals when you’re young, but so you aren’t miserable and prescription medicine filled when you’re older.

Tip #3:  No need for starting a healthy lifestyle cold turkey.  Love soda and fried foods and eat them on a daily/weekly basis.  Make your first goal to go 2 weeks without soda.  Then, once you reach that made your goal to go another 2 weeks without soda and 2 weeks without fried foods.  Start with baby changes…they go along way and you are more likely to keep those habits.

Tip #4:  Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad or be complicated!  Find foods you love and get creative!  I have an entire instagram page dedicated to simple and quick recipes! click here to follow

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