8 Ways To Work Out With Your Everyday Schedule

Life gets crazy.  There’s school, work, kids, bills, and so many other unexpected occurrences that happen.  At the end of the day it’s called life and we all live it, but the worst thing we can do is let life get the best of us and use life as an excuse to let yourself go.  What is life without health?  It sucks.  You feel gross, you feel tired, you don’t function at full capacity.  It’s time you put an end to letting life get in the way with these 8 tips

  1. Get it out of the way in the early morning.  Whether it’s 4am, 5am, or 6am.  You get it out of the way and start your day feeling more energized than usual
  2. Have a 1 hour lunch break?  Eat a pre-workout snack before lunch, take 30 minutes of your lunch to get a quick workout in at the nearest park.  Wipe yourself down and use the rest of the time to turn your lunch into a quick post workout meal.  Not sure what to do?  My Get LetlerFit in 30 Days program requires just yourself and all workouts are done in 30 minutes.
  3. Go directly after work before getting home and settling down on the couch.
  4. Workout at night if you’re a night owl like me, but just keep in mind this is one of the most difficult times to workout because you’re tired from the entire day, all you’re thinking about is your bed, and it’s really easy to let last minute things pop up and keep you from working out.
  5. Get a knowledgeable Personal Trainer in person or online.  When you make an appointment or have someone holding you accountable you tend to get it done.  For online personalized training shoot me an email at LetlerFit@gmail.com
  6. Find an accountability partner.  I’ve said this numerous times throughout the existence of my blog.  This is so important because when one person is dragging the other is the motivator.
  7. Find something you enjoy.  For me it’s weightlifting or HIIT.  I look forward to my workouts, the ones that I dread tend to be the ones that get put on the back burner
  8. Keep yourself accountable.  Track your progress weekly, by weekly, or monthly!  Take your measurements and pictures before work because once you start seeing progress a whole new load of motivation comes in.

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