13 Nutritional Swaps For People Trying To Live Healthier

You don’t have to be miserable to be healthy, but you do have to make a little bit of effort!

  1. Swap the bag of chips for an apple with salted peanut butter (make sure peanuts and salt are your only 2 ingredients) and then instead of low quality carbs and fats with slim to no micronutrients you’ll be getting high quality carbs, fats, proteins, AND micronutrients
  2. Swap the juices for water…we get enough added sugar in our diets without even trying
  3. Swap the fried foods for grilled
  4. Have rice and potatoes with protein for lunch?  Swap one of the carbs for a fresh salad
  5. Do you add sugar to your fruit bowls? Swap the the sugar for a sprinkle of chia seeds
  6. Swap smoothie shop smoothies for home made ones.  Did you know most of those smoothie places just give you fake fruit juice and call it a day?
  7. Swap your store bought protein bars for for some boiled eggs
  8. Swap your diet sodas for regular sodas…don’t fall into marketing traps….but better yet swap all of the sodas for water
  9. Swap the milk chocolate for dark chocolate
  10. Swap your pudding for apple sauce (apples-maybe water too-should be the ONLY ingredient)
  11. Swap the morning cereal for steel cut oats and berries
  12. Swap the regular yogurt for Greek Yogurts with added probiotics
  13. Swap your Starbucks Latte for some green tea (without adding sugar)

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