4 Pieces Of Common Health Advice That Are False

Eat this, not that.  This is the magic potion.  Drop 10 pounds over night with this.  We’ve all heard it!  Here are the 4 most common health advice that I hear, that are actually false!

  1. High Fat and Protein, Low Carb is the way to go
    • Actually, 45-65% of your daily requirements to feed your central nervous system, your brain, your body, and your muscles come from carbohydrate!  When you eat high protein, low carb, your body is forced to make carbohydrates out of proteins.  Your body HATES to do things that make it’s life harder, which I would agree with.  It does enough for us, like breathing without us having to think about it, why should we want to force it to work harder?  The problem with carbs is the same problem with fats and proteins.  Too much of ANY carbohydrate gets stored as fat.  The key is to eat just enough of each macro nutrient to hit your goals and keep your body happy!
  2. Snacking is bad
    • We all know that crash between each meal that we get, or the lack of focus at work between lunch.  Well it’s our brain telling us it needs a little boost of energy (especially glucose).  Snacking between meals keeps us from feeling hangry, keeps us from over eating at lunch and dinner, and keeps our bodies energized!  The problem with snacking is the same problem with over eating carbs…too much is NOT good.  (see the pattern?)
  3. Counting calories is how you lose weight, because a calories is a calorie.
    • Of all recommendations I hear non health professionals give to people seeking health advice its calorie counters I hate the most.
      • 1 gram of carbohydrates and protein yields 4 calories
      • 1 gram of fat yields 9 calories
      • 1 gram of alcohol yields 7 calories
    • So tell me again how all calories are the same?  Overall calories are incredibly important and I don’t discredit that.  However, it is what makes up those calories that is MOST important!  For example, an average adult consuming 2,000 kcal a day should consume
      • 1000 calories from carbs (250g)
      • 460 calories from protein (115g)
      • 540 calories from fat (60g)
  4. Everyone should be on a gluten free diet:  This one is real quick….ready?  If you are not gluten intolerant….you do not have to specifically look for gluten free.

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