How to Get Yourself Motivated To Get Fit

We’ve all been there…get to our goals, or close to them and all of the sudden we hit a wall, stop seeing progress, and it’s like why even bother?

10 Tips to Stay Motivated:

  1. Understand it’s not about being too busy, it’s about not making your fitness a priority.  Many people get stuck in the mindset that they don’t have time, they’re too busy to the point to where they believe it. Believing you don’t have time for a workout does NOTHING for your motivation.  You find time to watch an hour or two of your favorite show.  Or eating shit on social media, but god forbid you find a time to dedicate 30-60 minutes to your fitness.  When you understand that you make time for what is a priority, and understand fitness it s priority not something you are too busy for, you get a small natural motivation boost.  The same way you’re motivated to watch that episode of Game of Thrones in the schedule you were “too busy” to do anything extra in.
  2. Get it done early!  The more you put off your workout the least likely the average person is going to get it done as the day goes by.
  3. Find those pair of jeans that you love, but don’t fit and hang them somewhere you see them every day.  Trying to make gains?  Find a pair of shorts thats too big around the booty and use them as motivation to fill them in!  The latter works great for me!
  4. Get consistent, the more consistent you are the sooner you’ll start to feel that natural energy boost.
  5. Understand why you want to get or stay fit in the first place.
  6. Brush up on some of the non-physique related benefits that exercise gives.  Sometimes it helps to understand a little bit of how your heart, your lungs, your other body systems greatly benefit from exercise.  It’s not always about fitting into a size 2!
  7. Do it for the endorphins.  How good do you feel once you’re all done?  The hardest part some days is getting it done, but I don’t usually hear people tell me they regret it.
  8. Find an accountability partner, coach, or knowledgable personal trainer (emphasis on the knowledgable).  It’s easier when you have someone to report to.  Even I have a coach because I’m human too!  As much as my career is fitness, sometimes my body just wants to be lazy when it shouldn’t.
  9. Change things up!  Doing the same routine over and over again get’s boring.  Not just mentally, but your body adjusts and get bored too.
  10. Find something you enjoy!  For me it’s weight lifting.  I will always have more weight lifting days than cardio days because motivation goes out the door when you dread what you do!  If you love yoga or running, do more of what you love!  Do the things you hate less frequently, but understand they have to be done to gain benefits the exercise you love may not be able to give you.

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Yourself Motivated To Get Fit

  1. Particular YES to number 1! Years ago I heard that when you find yourself constantly saying “I don’t have time for this, I don’t have time for that” to reevaluate and change your wording to “(blank) is not a priority to me”. It really makes a difference. Sure, some days, there aren’t just enough hours in the day for everything you WANT to do, which is why you need to prioritize. Not everything will fit, and that’s okay. Some days (Sunday nights) Game of Thrones might be a priority 🙂 But instead of saying “I don’t have time to work out” or “I don’t have time to cook”, saying “Working out is not a priority to me today” or even worse… “My health is not a priority to me today”. It really changes things!

    I am far, far from perfect. In fact, I’m just re-beginning on a get healthy journey, but little things like this sometimes help when I’m having a lazy, unmotivated day!


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