8 Common Misconceptions about Exercise

  1. Lifting Heavy Weights as a Woman will Bulk You Up:   I promise you, you will get a lot more done with 15 pound dumbbells compared to 2 pound dumbbells.  As a whole our bodies do not have enough testosterone to create that bulky appearance.  The way our muscles look has a lot to do with how we eat, how we exercise, and our genetic predisposition.  I’ll also let you in on a little secret, most of those “bulky” “manly” looking women that scare non weight lifting women into training with weights use steroids.  But I’ll just leave it as that as it’s a touchy subject.
  2. I Don’t Want to Lose Weight:  Guess what? You should be working out for LIFE!  Life is demanding and if you’re unfit you have a higher probability of aches and pains as you age and injuries from simple daily tasks.  No one wants to be the person known for throwing out there back trying to move a chair…it happens…I see it all the time!  Usually in those who live a sedentary life.  Our heart, lungs, EVERYTHING benefits from exercise.
  3. No Pain No Gain:  For the general fitness goer you really shouldn’t get passed a moderate level of soreness.  If you are so sore it severely impairs your ability to carry out regular activity you may not be sore?  Felt a sharp shooting pain during your workout, maybe you should stop and make sure you didn’t pull/strain/injure anything…DO NOT keep going.  ESPECIALLY if the pain persists.
  4. You Have to Be In the Gym for hours on End:  FALSE!  For the average gym goer MAX 60 minutes for warm up workout and cool down.  As little as a properly thought out 14 minute workout science has now found can be beneficial when done right!  It’s about QUALITY not QUANTITY.
  5. When you Stop all your muscle become Fat again:  That’s like saying when you stop eating an apple it turns into an orange.  One cannot become the other.  If you stop exercising for a period of time your muscle shrinks (atrophies).
  6. Ab Exercises will Give You a 6 Pack:  Everyone has a 6 pack, but because of genetics some people have to be more strict about their diet and cardio regimen to see it!  For some it is easier than others, but we all have them other wise we’d be flopped over (our abs help keep us uprite).  Ab exercises actually contribute to a minimum when you compare ab exercises to diet in their relevance to obtaining a 6 pack.
  7. You can do the same thing every day and get Results:  FALSE your body adapts.  And QUICKLY!  Changing things up is how you will see better results over a long period of time.
  8. The Machine says I burned 300 Calories:  The machine and what you actually burned are different as calories burned is different for everyone due to mass, metabolism, etc.  What the machine calculates it’s is own RPM (rotations per minute) not your actual energy output.

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