5 Top Apps To Help You Get Fit

  1. My Fitness Pal:  It hands down my favorite way to track food.  While the major con is it does not teach people about ho important macronutrients is in making up total calorie intake for the day it does a pretty great job at estimating total calorie needs as well as macronutrient and micronutrient needs depending on the persons goal.  The food library is also the most complete I have seen, you can even go out to eat and enter a popular restaurants menu and it will pop up!  Do NOT use it to input calories burned….it gives you 10x what you actually burned…Also, For those who wish to get more specific about nutrient timing you can get the premium app and set nutrient needs for each meal.  With premium you can also set up specific macros.
  2. My Wod:  While I no longer crossfit I do still use this app to track my weight lifting records and as a timer.  You can set it up for a tabata, standard, coundown, or interval timer so it makes life easier by providing a timely beep.
  3. Fooducate:  While this app can double as a food diary it is not as complete as my fitness pal.  Where this app is amazing is that you can scan any barcode at the grocery store or look up the food and it will give the food a rating from A+ to F and tell you why that food got that rating.  It is a great tool in teaching people what to look and look out for at the grocery store.
  4. Daily Water-Drink Tracker:  For those that struggle to remember to drink water and stay hydrated this app helps you track your water and will send you reminders to drink water if you are slacking for the day.
  5. Map My Run:  Every blue moon you may find me out on a run.  This app tracks distance, time, pace, and routes for your running or walking bouts.

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