6 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Be Avoiding

The thing about the food and fitness industry is, marketing and advertising goes farther than science.  It’s a sad reality, and is one of the reason so many people are quick to fall for gimmicks, nutrition labeling etc.  Just today I went grocery shopping and was baffled at how the industry charges more or hides poison in their labeling.  Here were the top 6 offenders that stood out to me today.

  1. Fit and Active brand popcorn versus the generic brand popcorn:  Fit and Active brand was almost a dollar more expensive and when you compare the labels…the EXACT same thing.  Just because something is labeled fit and active or something along those lines does not necessarily make it any better.
  2. Sugar: A bunch of BS, and WORSE for you! Your brain gets the same stimulation only instead of being natural, it’s synthetic, can mess up insulin regulation, and most are metabolized in to carcinogens…cancer causing agents.  Go for REAL sugar, avoid the sugar alcohol.  Even in moderation, real sugar is better than fake.  Same goes for regular vs diet sodas
  3. Arctic Zero Ice Cream:  People love it because it is low calorie, has minimal protein, but just like sugar free labels are ridded with sugar alcohols.  Limit sugar alcohols as much as possible (generally anything that ends in “ol” ie. sorbitol, erythritol, maltitol)
  4. Low Fat anything:  Your body NEEDS healthy fats.  Low fat labels are usually a guise for companies to add sugars and MORE sugar alcohols in order to make the food tastier since removing fat makes food less appetizing. Whole fat is totally OK!
  5. Organic Tostitos:  While the ingredients may be “cleaner” they have more sodium and do in my opinion more harm because people consume more of it thinking it’s healthier.
  6. Organic Granola: uhmmmm 36g of sugar per serving and only 8g of protein? what?! READ your labels!! Ideally there will be no added sugar.

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8 thoughts on “6 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Be Avoiding

  1. I am a label reader. I have to be. It blows my mind how misleading labels are. And the prices increase with the phase salespeople are pushing. Natural and organic cost far more than blah blah blah, but blah blah blah is almost always a safer choice. If it tastes better, it is probably loaded with msg. Be smart, not trendy.


    1. Organic produce is worth the extra bit in my opinion but if its in a box in…def not!!! Yesterday I did a youtube video on peanut butter and so many people have already reached out feeling scammed

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