Vacation Mode: Made in the USA with Dominican Parts

I spent this past week in Dominican Republic visiting family and for overall vacation.  It was INSANE we packed so much into so little time, I swear I woke up with a travel hangover.

  • Tuesday: we left Miami and arrived in the late afternoon.  I thought I would have a chance to unpack and catch up on some work, clients, etc.  Wrong!  I had 15 minutes to catch up with emails/clients and get dressed for a dinner at my grandparents house where the beast that s my stomach was unleashed.  4 plates od the best ceviche and 1 massive bowl of spaghetti and mushroom sauce later…despite the 15 pastelitos, fresh island mangos, and refresco country club we had on our way from the airport.  But hey, what’s travel without good food?
  • wednesday:  We left to punta cana with a pit stop in cap cana.  Next trip to the DR I definitely want to make more time for Cap Cana and go back…it is BREATHTAKING.  It’s a developing city/resort town, only it is going to be bigger and better than Punta Cana in my opinion.  Here we had MORE food!  Delicious ceviche, appetizer samplers, spicy shrimp tacos, and an epic nutella calzone.  We later arrived to Punta Cana with hopes of cooling off and relaxing by the beach, but we arrived as everything was closing down so we relaxed in our room (I caught up on some work) and head straight to dinner for even MORE food!
  • Thursday:  Our only full day at the Melia Caribe resort in Punta Cana.  Despite Only spending roughly 36 hours at the resort I ate for 5 (more food not pictured), but it was so refreshing to be connected to wifi from the beach and not just my sofa.
  • Friday:  We left the resort around midday and headed over to la Romana for a tourist stop in Altos de Chavon.  We arrived back to the capital a little later than expected, greeted with chicharrones de pollo for the fam and authentic rice and beans Dominican style for me (the vegetarian).
  • Saturday:  We did some major damage.  Currently 1 USD  equates to almost 48 Dominican Pesos.  If you’ve never been to the DR know that they have the BEST hair products and nail polish for the LOW LOW.  You can also find hair accessories and home goods for killer price.  The amount of items I bought for only $68 is unreal! I filled up half a suit case!  Post-Shopping I enjoyed my favorite ice cream in the whole world (just as good as the authentic Italian Gelato) with my husband before going out to Dinner with my Aunt and Uncle.


  • Sunday:  We enjoyed one last breakfast, said goodbye to my grandma, and headed one more time for some Ice Cream before arriving at the airport to go home.  Dinner was one last feast at fuddruckers.


This Morning I woke up a whopping TEN POUNDS heavier so tune in to wednesdays blog for how I plan to get rid of the post vacation indulgence.

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