Day 23: How to Capture Vacation Memories

Considering my next “vacation,” which for me is really just a change in office location, and I love that!  Believe me, being at home is wonderful, but being at home 7 days a week, sometimes you really need that change in location.

While I do still work on vacation, I do also enjoy my time and capture memories through photos, videos, and then eventually I turn them into digital albums that apple allows you to do on iphoto.

On this vacation I have to get my husband on board to help me out with a vlogging series that I would love to do as we are spending 3 nights in Santo Domino, and 2 Nights in Punta Cana all inclusive, to do a vlog on how to keep that vacation balance.  To show everyone how you can enjoy food and drinks without putting on 10 pounds in one week like so many do.  So let’s see if I can get him on board.  Usually the deal is I let him unplug while I put in some work.  Fingers Crossed!

The featured image is one I took at the Qumea Resort in Fiji outside of our honeymoon suite of how breathtaking our everyday scenery was.

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