Day 16: Summer Bucket List

I don’t really view summer any different as I do winter and spring.  It’s been that way since I graduated High School and spent all of my summers in class and working.  So my day to day activities stay the same.

We did get an unexpected chance to go to Dominican Republic visit family and spend 2 nights in Punta Cana, so that is something I’m definitely looking forward to.

Other than that the goal this summer is to test out the 75 workouts that will be in my upcoming ebook and put it together for it’s December release.  I am also currently working on getting the next LetlerFit Collection together for a Tentative august/September release along with a new site!

For the house we are working on getting the roof up, if this rain ever lets out.  We need a 48 hour clear forecast and it doesn’t seem like June will be giving that to us, which is NOT good because we’re on an insurance time crunch.  We are also working on finally finishing the stairs, but we also need a clear forecast for that to use the laminate cutter outside and leave the wooden part of the rails to dry outside so the stain doesn’t stink up the house again.

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2 thoughts on “Day 16: Summer Bucket List

  1. I have always been an active person, growing up by the beach near Wilmington, North Carolina, but within the past year and a half I have really cranked up the volume with my workouts and gotten more into food/nutrition and body work. I havent been seeing that much results come from all of my hard work yet…but am hanging in there and excited to see what is in store. Also looking forward to reading more of your blogs about working out and different nutritious incentives. Have a fun summer!


    1. Definitely hang in there!!! Sometimes it takes more time for some than others to see results! If you scrolll through I have tons of articles related to both fitness and nutrition 💪🏼

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