Day 12: How to fight Burnout

So this post is supposed to be advice on how to handle summer blogging burnout, but since I do not by any means consider myself a blogger, I’m going to write about summer fitness goal burnout.

Because this society views fitness in short term, versus long term, people spend the first 3-4 months of the year shedding their holiday wait and prepping for the summer only to slowly fall into a downward spiral to repeat the same toxic cycle over when the new year hits.

So, how do you break the cycle?  I get that summer is hard because you have more BBQs, More vacations, more time to go to the beach, go out, but what about the goals you’ve worked so hard to achieve?  How do you keep them in Check?  There’s no need to avoid going out in order to avoid gaining weight.

10 Tips to Making you Summer body, your winter Body:

  1. Keep Alcohol to 1-3 drinks a week
  2. Don’t drink your calories in juices, sodas, etc.
  3. Make healthy choices at restaurants!  Most places have a light and fit menu with more realistic portion sizes.
  4. Request cutting the salt a restaurant uses for the dish in half, or excluding it altogether because chances are they hide salt in the sauces without realizing it.
  5. Don’t skip your workouts!
  6. Replace a meal with a healthy shake!  I’ve been drinking the same meal replacement every day for 4 years now and love it! Definitely helps keep me in check when I’ve gone too far passed moderation!  Click here for more info!
  7. Don’t forget your water!  Avoid retaining water, skin break outs, and dehydration from the summer heat!
  8. Swap the fried for the grilled!
  9. Swap the processed sugars for REAL sugars found in fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  10. It’s ok to eat the pizza and have the slice of cake!  It’s just not ok to eat more of that than you do whole foods!

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