Day 9: 2017 Goal Checklist

Like I said in one of the earlier June blogs I set goals in the following categories

  • Household
  • Business
  • Personal Fitness

We have officially owned our house for a year now and have done all of the smaller remodeling projects and are down to the final 6 projects: The kitchen, the first floor tiles, roof, balcony tiles, half bathroom, and the master bathroom.  The goal for this year was to finish the kitchen, first floor, half bathroom, and balcony tiles as it’s a project that would get done all at once.  Then next year we were going to re do the roof and possibly the master bath, but the insurance said otherwise.  This year we had to re do the roof which means another year with an outdated kitchen and floors that get a spec of dust and look dirty despite just having cleaned them.

My fitness goals was to get my strength back to wear it was pre-surgery and pre-injury, which is in progress!

Business wise  have hit 25% of them and the other 50% are on track to being hit while the final 25% need a miracle…BUT I’m still working for them. I have also recently added more goals to the list and are getting done as well!

What has helped me turn by “New Years Resolutions” that no one ever keeps into goals that actually get reached is keeping them in constant site.

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