Day 3: June Goals

I would have preferred this part of the blog challenge be on the first of the month as that’s when I write down the month’s goals as well as check my progress for my quarterly and yearly goals.

I set goals in 3 categories

  1. Household (my husband and I)
  2. Personal Fitness Goals
  3. Business Goals

For the purpose of this blog I will go over some of my business and personal fitness goals for the month as my husband prefer I keep our household goals to between us. So here we go!

  • Personal Fitness Goals
    • If you follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter, or youtube, you know that in May I was dealing with a lot of gastro, new found allergies, and hormonal issues.  So this month my goals are not focused on hitting certain weight, inches, or physical numbers, but on focusing on feeling like my usual self.  I want my energy back, the feeling of being bloated 24/7 to go away, the side effects from some of the meds to disappear etc.  So while I still plan on keeping with my healthy lifestyle, I will not be tracking anything to the T.  I just want to feel like my usual self again.
    • Get consistent with 5 Training sessions a week (3 powerlifting, 2 general fitness)
  • Business Goals
    • To test out the first 25% of my new ebook and begin putting it together.  The goal is to release this new ebook in December of 2017
    • Move 80% of my remaining apparel collection to make room for the new summer collection!
    • Get a record number of people started on their fitness journey with my fitness programs
    • Get 10 new people started on their nutrition program and into my accountability chat
    • Make sure all of my personal training and nutrition clients hit ALL of their monthly goals
    • Put out 10 New Youtube videos…so far Ive put up 2!
    • 100 Youtube Subscribers
    • Gain 8,000 new followers across all 5 of my instagram accounts
    • Hit 6000 Twitter Followers
    • Gain 1,000 facebook fans between both my LetlerFit Inc. and Melissa Letellier fan page

I keep my goals in a place where I see them every day in order to stay motivated throughout the month.

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