Your idea of average is not always someone else’s.

I feel like there are 3 types of people in this world:

Person A:  Is happy with a 9-5, never wants to put in anything extra, is happy with doing just enough to get by.

Person B:  Works a “9-5” but is always putting in extra hours, going the extra mile in attempt to climb the corporate ladder and do better for themselves within corporate America

Person C (aka me): The entrepreneur.  The person who lives breathes and sleeps their business.  The person who would rather sit at home on a friday and saturday night and put in work.  The person whose ambitions go beyond the typical owning a house, living a middle class life, being satisfied with a few vacations a year, or being ok with requesting days off.  The person who wants to create a legacy.

Whichever person you are, i’m here to tell you IT’S OKAY!  Whatever brings you happiness is what matters.  Where my BIGGEST issue lies is when people try to get others to conform to their own personal level of average or feel bad for not thinking the same as others.

If you are person A do NOT try and bring down person C because they want more than what you want.  If you are person C except that person A is not like you and look for more B’s and C’s to hang around.  My biggest pet peevs are when people patronize the go getters and the doers for doing too much, not living in the moment, blah blah.  The same way I hate when entrepreneurs try to convert people who fall in my A category to the B or C category.

Becoming aware of what you think is average and understanding that everyone has their own idea of what average is, is something that is ok.  If you are a person B or C my biggest piece of advice is get rid of the A’s in your life.  They aren’t like you, nor will they ever be like you.  They won’t make you rise to the next level, they won’t tell you to keep going when you want to quit, they will tell you that leaving a legacy doesn’t really matter.  It’s ok for people to fall under the A category, but its not ok for you (a B or a C) to succumb to the thoughts of an A person.

Let the A’s hang with the A’s.

B’s and C’s need to stick together, motivate each other, better each other, and create legacies together.

Establish who you are and become ok with it.  There is nothing wrong with either person, but if people were meant to be the same we wouldn’t need employees, managers, bosses, or owners.

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