My Challenges Help me more Than my Clients

I Run 3 challenges every year:

  1. A 90 Day New Year Kick Off Challenges with my Fitness Programs
  2. A 4 Week Gallon Challenge utilizing the Herbalife Nutrition Products
  3. a 6 Week Challenge Incorporating my Fitness Programs WITH the herbalife nutrition products

We are mid way through week 2 of 4, of my Gallon Challenge with my herbalife ladies and I am reminded daily about why these challenges benefit me more than everyone else.  I mean yes, I coach everyone personally and my accountability chat is a challenge favorite, but the one who truly sees motivation and gets inspired daily is me.

  • Seeing how everyone motivates each other is such a beautiful thing.  It really does show how people are inherently genuine and authentic.  Everyone wants everyone to do well and get used to this lifestyle change and establish a healthy balance.
  • I love getting recipe, snack, and meal ideas from all of the ladies
  • I stay in check with my own meal plan and exercise routine.  After all what kind of a coach and leader am I if I don’t get on my own goals.  For example I had been getting comfortable only making it to the gym 3 times, when I know I would personally benefit from 4-5 times per week on the program I’m on.  Seeing how one of my fit moms and a full time student who is also working full time (dejavu) made it to their 5 day goals the first week has pushed me to make sure I get my 5 days in as well!  Whenever I feel like overindulging, I think of all of my challengers learning how to establish their balance and learn to choose healthy 80% of the time, my desire to indulge dwindles.
  • Our weekly check ins add more fuel to my fire seeing how much progress everyone makes in just one week including my self is just a motivational bonus!
  • I am always grateful for those who choose me as their coach and allow me to guide them on their journey, but if only they knew they’re the ones that inspire me to keep going when I lose my own motivation.

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