Love Capris? So do we!

Have you ever gone shopping for a pair of capris and been disappointed because of either of the following?

  • Transparent
  • Color fades after a few cycles through the washer and the drier
  • fuzzies between your inner thighs
  • loose fit
  • you can see the sweat in the unflattering areas during your workout
  • Weird Cut off angle

If you answered yes to any of the above, you NEED a pair of your own LetlerFit leggings

  • Our capris are NOT transparent, you can squat in peace!
  • Our color and designs do not fade
  • Thick thighs, rub all you want because our leggings do not get those ugly fuzz balls
  • Our capris are made with compression material for a tight fit that has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow during your workout and help with your recovery.  So you can wear them to the gym or to the mall and your legs will reap the compression benefits
  • We use the best dri fit material (Not the dri fit material that gets stinky with sweat) and you will never see the sweat. Who else hates butt sweat?
  • We also make all of our capris with SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection.  Why is this important? UV rays can seep through your capris and damage your skin.   With LetlerFit capris your legs are protected indoors and outdoors!
  • Our leggings are infused with Vitamin E for up to 25 washes to help keep the sweat from drying up your skin.  This why we have gotten so many comments and emails saying “my legs feel so soft after taking them off!”
  • All of our capris are unique and produced in limited quantities meaning once they sell out, you are left with your own unique pair of LetlerFit capris!
  • Our Capris also cut off at the perfect length! Not too short, and not too long.

Haven’t check out our capris yet?  Click Here to Shop all LetlerFit Capris and remember if you see a pair you love ACT FAST because we get way too many emails asking for styles to be brought back because they didn’t buy their pair in time.

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