Health = Success

This past weekend I attended the 10X Growth Conference put on by Grant Cardone.  Aside from all of the information that was given to help with our sales and overall business, one thing that really stuck to me was said by one of the speakers, Lewis Howes.  He said that one of the things we really had to focus on in order to reach our goals was our health.  As a fitness coach, I view health as a necessity for quality of life, preventing diseases, etc.  He did not even touch on that.  His perspective was if you’re body is not functioning at 100%, you cannot produce at 100%.

I agree 100% I reflected on the times I got lazy, or was half assing things (aka being lazy) it had a direct correlation to my diet.  I was off my game eating tons of artificial sugars, making poor choices, and naturally I felt lethargic.  Not only did I feel lethargic, but I felt embarrassed from all of the weight gain, which kept me from promoting what I do.  Where as the times i’m on fire my diet is clean, I’m eating energy yielding foods, and I feel good.  That feeling gives me energy and motivation to keep going, expand, reach out to more people.  Health really does equal wealth, not just for the usual reasons given by people.

Reflect on yourself for a second:  Do you think your current health status is affecting your success levels, your drive, etc? Do something about it!  I am more than 100% happy to help! Whether its through fitness or nutrition guidance, maybe even both!  I’ve got your back!  Shoot me an email!

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