Waist Trainers: Use them or Lose them?

Waist Trainers; we’ve all seen them on social media being rocked by the instafamous fitness idols, but should you really be using them?

The idea behind the waist trainers is that they are supposed to help you lose weight and reduce the size of your midline.  But what really happens?

Aside from the fact that inconsistent waist trainer use really only produces temporary results.  You eat or drink water, your recently made “smaller” waistline goes back to normal and you just spent the last however many hours feeling uncomfortable for no reason.waist-trainer-blog-2

Through consistent long term use you may notice more permanent results.  Are you really losing fat and losing weight? If you did not change you’re diet you’re probably not losing weight and feeling and looking smaller.  That is because your fat is being redistributed as well as your organs.  As you can see by the pictures, it is NOT normal and most definitely NOT good for you.waist-trainer-blog-3

If you are changing up your diet beginning to exercise and you find yourself losing weight and getting smaller…have you ever considered it’s because of the lifestyle change and not the waist trainer?  Because it’s definitely not the waist trainer.

Another big issue I am starting to see is women using the waist trainers in the gym. Not only are you putting unnecessary negative pressure on your heart and your lungs but you are eliminating your stabilizer muscles since the waist trainer does the work for them.  So you are definitely not doing yourself a favor by not making the stabilizer muscles that play a huge role in your posture, a favor.

At the end of the day you are capable of making your own decision.  But honestly, the long term damage caused by waist trainers is NOT worth it! Just eat right and exercise!  Besides, most of the people promoting them are already in shape and just promoting for the hefty paycheck.

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