What went Wrong

Today concludes the last of my wedding series.  While I spent the last month writing about how beautifully everything turned out and how perfect it was.   I figured I’d save the final blog to talk about the behind the scenes.

Before I begin, if you’re a bride, here’s some advice:  Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan.  Go into the planning process with an open mind that is ready to adapt to any situation that is not going according to plan.  Have a “No Problem!” attitude because if you don’t, you’re going to experience a lot of unwanted stress.  Besides, your guests arrive and nobody ever knows about the behind the scenes chaos or how something didn’t look the way it was supposed to!

Now during the planning process it’s normal to change your mind, adjust plans according to budget, but then the day of you want everything to go right as it was planned, but it never happens that way. Usually however, the wedding planner deals with it, but like I mentioned before, the wedding planner was my mom.  So we as a group were forced to be flexible, however since we all came into the wedding planning with the no problem attitude we didn’t stress as much as people would expect us to.  We had 5 minor mishaps of things that did not go according to plan:

  1. The Day before the wedding, in all of the preparation madness the Air Conditioning broke! Of course, the unit housing the flowers is the one that broke so as the heat grew stronger, the flowers began to wilt.  In frantic desperation we all turned our attention to relocating the flowers to the side of the house with the working AC to keep more flowers from wilting.  In order to fix the flowers that had already wilted my aunt, the florist, had the genius idea of sticking wires into the stems.  As you can see by the picture, you can’t even tell which ones had wires in them! Luckily, the A/C repair man came and fixed things to prevent any further damage.
  2. Our entire set up was centered around our pool.  We converted it into the dance floor and altar.  Everything looks beautiful right?  Well you see those 2 mini pine trees.  They weren’t supposed to be there.  The day before the wedding the company in charge of covering the pool was supposed to finish the job the day before by arriving at 7am.  Instead of arriving at 7am (the pool was 1/4 done) they arrived at 7PM and worked all through the night until 5AM!!! Of course, my dad didn’t sleep because of the noise, the nerves, and wanting to supervise.  The best part is, at 5am they left, but hadn’t finished! They were supposed to come back at 9am with another crew to finish, but instead they showed up at 4pm just 2 hours before the ceremony was set to begin.  Because they hadn’t answered all day, my dad wasn’t sure if they were going to come and finish off the 4 corners.  So the day of the wedding my dad and my aunt rushed to home depot to pick out these mini pine trees while my Dad’s dad (grandpa) stayed behind to saw the plywood they were going to use to cover the corners.  The pine trees were just a distraction so that nobody would accidentally step on unstable corners.  The reason we didn’t use 2 other pine trees is because the people decided to show up and finish the job 15 minutes before everything started with one guest already arriving!  The pine trees ended up adding a beautiful touch and no one knew that they weren’t originally planned to be there.  Because of this mishap, I unfortunately did not get the first father-daughter look or pictures, but it is, what it is.  He was busy solving problems.


The day before the wedding my long time and faithful make up artist who has a contract with an incredibly large company to show up and work at a moments notice of course got called in to work at the time she was originally supposed to come and do my make up.  Being the professional artist that she is, she told me she would not cancel but come at 9 am instead as she had never and did not plan to cancel on a bride.  Obviously it was not ideal to be in my make up at 9am all the way until the end of the day, but it got done and got solved! The Make up artist in charge of my bridesmaids touched up my my lips and where the make up had rubbed off from the pizza lunch, easy peezy.

Alan Phillip Photography
Alan Phillip Photography

4. If you’ve been keeping up with my wedding blogs, you already saw our STUNNING and DELICIOUS wedding cake.  The baker, who found out she was 6 months pregnant and due only a few days before HER wedding (CRAZY, I know!) had given birth just 2 weeks before.  Also, acting responsibly she did not cancel despite having had a c-section (so obviously she was still healing AND adjusting to a new born..what a beast)  ended up delivering the cake at around 11pm instead of the original 6pm delivery time, which was fine we were all still preparing everything and she had stayed in contact the whole day letting us know the baby was asking for extra attention, which was very professional and of course we understand, plus we knew it was getting done.  Once again, everything came out beautifully even though the process was not how we originally planned.

5.  Being that my wedding was in my mom’s backyard and in Miami (if you didn’t know, Miami is Bipolar when it comes to the rain), even though it was December we were nervous about the rain.  Earlier in the year my mom chose to take the gamble and not put up tents because it”never” rains in Miami in December.  The ENTIRE week leading up to the wedding it rained, the morning of it rained, and it was supposed to rain the entire day, but it didn’t.  We had a little bit of rain JUST after we had finished the ceremony for about 2 minutes, and then the weather went back to normal.

Once again, DO NOT PANIC if something does not go according to plan.  At the end of the day  what matters is that you and your husband to be get married, everything else is just detail.

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