February is Dedicated to Love

Since February is often correlated to being the month of love since February 14th is Valentines day, I figured I change up the blog this month and dedicate to blogging about different aspects from my Wedding Day on December 16, 2016.

More specifically, the first blog of the month will be dedicated to the overall planning process.

January 17, 2016 we got engaged, and from that day end 2016 turned into a whirlwind of events.  Usually people tend to enjoy being engaged for while before picking a date, they get to be annoyed with everyone asking when’s the wedding even though they just got engaged a second ago, but for us, we didn’t even get to have that question asked to us because my mom had us pick a date within the first 36 hours so that she could start getting organized.

We didn’t hire a wedding planner, assistant, etc.  My wedding planners were my grandma, my Mom, her Sister, and Sister-in-law aka my 2 aunts.  Thank GOD for those 4 because they took 99.9% of the load off my shoulders.  In the first 6 months of 2016 I was juggling 10 college courses (7 in the spring, 3 Summer A), running both of my businesses, buying our first home, and undergoing surgery in my hand to remove my dupuytren’s contracture mass that had developed on my right hand.  The second half of 2016 I was finishing summer B with my final 3 courses for my BS of exercise science, remodeling (ourselves with the biggest help from my dad who is incredibly handy) our new home, doing my final semester of internship, still running both businesses, graduating, working on my 20 pound wedding weight loss goal which I hit despite all of the injuries, and a 3.5 month recovery from a muscle spasm on my back that happened to me after scraping off expired window film from one of our many windows that needed to have the window film scraped off.

Because of the aforementioned family members all I had to do in the process was chose my dress, my accessories, the colors, the food, the desserts, and a few other minor decisions along the way.  The venue was easy for me, as I chose my mom’s home and backyard.  In the end, giving my wedding to my family to plan was the best decision I ever made.   Everything came out beyond what I had ever imagined.  I am so grateful for them and all of the hard work they put in to making the night perfect.

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