Abs and Fitness

These days if you don’t have abs, you’re not considered “fit.” thanks to the incredibly superficial fitness personas of social media.  Since when did that even become a fitness requirement?  Hate to burst your bubble, but ones likelihood of having a 6 pack has more to do with your genetics and your diet than it has to do, with the kind of workouts you’re doing.  This is why you see some people who exercise zero minutes a week, yet they have a 6 pack, while there are others who are eating clean, working out 6 days a week and all they can accomplish is a flat stomach (like me!).  Or there are others who do workout, but have the world’s worst diet, and there 6 pack never goes away.  It is what it is!

If you’re like me, don’t be frustrated.  I don’t have a six pack, but i’m in better shape and stronger than a lot of my friends that do have 6 packs! Abs don’t and should not equate to fitness.  I’m not saying, don’t workout your abs, you need strong abdominal muscles for posture, for proper squats, for deadlifts, and so much more.

Fitness should be about overall health, about loving yourself, about preventing diseases when you’re older (yes, certain exercise, done properly can help prevent disease!) Don’t stress or kill yourself at the gym for unnecessary endless hours because you don’t have abs.  Have fun with your workouts, have fun with your clean eating, and stop believing the people who make you feel like you aren’t fit because you don’t have a perfect 6 pack.

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