Reach Your 2017 New Year Goals!

We are officially moving into week 3 of 2017 and many people unfortunately have already given up on their resolutions.  Personally, I am not a fan of calling them resolutions, simply because I believe they are more likely to be attained if we use the word goals & actually create a plan of attack vs just saying our resolutions.  Here are my top 5 Tips to reaching your goals in this new year!

  1.  Find an accountability partner.  Someone who is just as motivated or even more so to help you and herself/himself to reach your 2017 goals.
  2. Create daily and weekly goals.  For example, today I want to eat all of my snacks and drink 1 gallon of water or this week I want to lose .5-2 lbs (healthy recommended weightloss).
  3. Find a program that works for you and is something you can easily accomplish despite your schedule. For example whether you are someone who does not have access to a gym or you do, my programs come with 12 week, step by step exercises that you can modify based on your own level!  I recently just released my total body package so you can get all 7 of my e-books at a discounted rate!
  4. Write your goals down in a place where you know you will be reminded of them often.  I put mine always in my accountability chat that I have for my nutrition clients so we can keep ourselves and each other motivated.
  5. Don’t stress! If you had one rough day it’s not the end of the world, it’s called life!  Just pick it up, stay focused, and don’t stress!  Fitness should be fun! Definitely not a chore.

Learn more about the best online fitness program which includes comprehensive programs focused on shifting towards healthier eating habits, staying fit, and building a better booty. You’ll also find a variety of fitness apparel to help get you that extra motivation to take your goals to another level. Contact me today to learn more about the best fitness programsavailable to get your body in gear.

One thought on “Reach Your 2017 New Year Goals!

  1. We do all five. My wife is my accountability partner. I’m hers. We both have trainers and pretty much do whatever they say.

    We’ve both been getting pretty good results. We both want to be stronger, healthier and look better

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