Honeymooning in Fiji

If you follow me on instagram (@Letler) you know I recently got married  and had the opportunity to honeymoon in Fiji, more specifically in the island of Taveuni at the Qamea resort and spa.  Before I go into my top 10 highlights and take away from our honeymoon I wanted to take a moment and give the resort a 5 starts all around! In service, cleanliness, things to do, food, customer service, you name it.

Now here are my top 10 favorite take aways, moments, advice, etc. from our honeymoon in Fiji! (in no particular order)

  1. Our room: Our room was everything.  We stayed at they royal beach house.  From the moment you walked in you were hit with a beach view, a beautiful living room, work den, and bedroom area.  When you turned into the bathroom it was like another room all in itself it was so big! When you stepped outside after you got passed the breathtaking view of the ocean you saw a beautiful private pool, lawn chairs, a hammock, our own jacuzzi, and my favorite, an outdoor shower.  Taking a shower everyday listening to the birds chirp, the waves cash, and wind blow was almost as relaxing as our ocean view.
  2. The people of Fiji are not only one of the kindest people I have ever met, but the most genuine.  The day we went on the voyage tour we were welcomed into their homes with a welcome song, native foods to try, kava (their native drink), and beautiful words.  We truly felt right at home.
  3. Hotel employees:  From the very first day from everyone, we were called by our first names.  Each person, even the gardeners were always so attentive to ask about our days and to talk to us.  The ones who worked at the restaurant were so quick to fill up our water, bring out our food, crack jokes, and just made us feel extra happy about being in Fiji all of the time because.  In our slide show the the person we took a picture with, his name was Eddie and he was one of our favorite “amigos” that we made over there.
  4. Bouma water falls: after what felt like a 5 hour, but really it was only 3 hours, hike up the mountain, getting bit by bugs all over my legs, and a minor sunburn, the view of both waterfalls made it all worth while.  My husband actually got to jump off one of them with several of the locals, but I’m not that adventurous.
  5. Snorkeling: I’ll admit, I was a little uneasy going snorkeling in the open ocean, as I’m used to the designated snorkel areas surrounded by a protective border.  I was also a little uneasy about the fact that reef sharks are known to pop up (they say they’re docile, but i still prefer to admire them through a screen during shark week).  Like the waterfall, once we actually got out there it was all worth it.  Seeing untouched coral reefs, parrot fish, angel fish, zebra fish, and so many other beautiful fish, I was so happy I went out and did it.  Unfortunately my waterproof camera bugged out and froze before I could take pictures of the fish.
  6. Beaches: Waking up to the crystal clear bright blue water was one of my favorite things about the whole trip.  Something about the beach and the waves that is just so soothing.
  7. Food:  I am an incredibly picky eater, so when I noticed everything was based off a small menu and not a buffet like the punta cana resorts, I was a little nervous, but I didn’t have any issues.  When they said it was the catch of the day they really meant it.  The fish was so fresh, and the lobster from lobster night…OMG! It was huge!  Everything was seasoned to perfection and the desserts that I for sure thought I’d hate like the coconut flan with pineapple sauce are the ones I came home craving.  Not to mentioned their banana pancakes with vanilla beans ice cream that I ate every day for the last 3 days of the trip.
  8. Bula!:  My new favorite word.  It’s how fijians say hello and I kind of wished we used here in the states.
  9. Fiji water: Yes it’s actually bottled in Fiji, but I was pretty in shock to find that it’s sold more expensive at the Fijian airport than the airports at LAX and MIA.
  10. If you’re a woman, take advantage! Bust out the colorful bikinis! I went through 2-3 a day!  However, my two favorite bikinis of the trip are featured in the slide shows just because their pattern and bead work were so beautiful.  I got them from immacula8collection and I definitely recommend it!  One of the bikinis came with a cheeky bottom and a brazilian bottom, which I love because you can wear it on your own or with the family haha! I wore the flower power crochet headband with the Erin bikini as well as the shay bikini.

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4 thoughts on “Honeymooning in Fiji

  1. Wow! Those pics; now I want to go to Fiji.

    We leave the country every year. Next month is Colombia. But now, Fiji will be on our queue.

    You look great by the way! And congrats. May you have many, many happy years together

    Liked by 1 person

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