Don’t Let the Holidays Derail Your Fitness

holidayfitness2Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and there’s a strong chance you’re going to be consuming a lot of food, partying it up, and possibly losing track of your fitness goals. Research shows that taking as little as one or two weeks off from working out can derail most, if not all of the gains you’ve made. Thankfully, with a few tweaks to your habits you can enjoy all of the Thanksgiving festivities while keeping your fitness on track.

Make a workout schedule. Take some time during the weekend to plan your workouts for the following week. This can take as little as fifteen minutes and having them written down increases the odds that you’ll actually follow through with them. Make sure you allow room for flexibility since you never know what might happen during the week that may require making changes.

Make exercise a priority. To increase the chances of sticking to your routine, try and make your workout the first thing you do in the morning, as little as twenty minutes if necessary. You’ll have better willpower in the morning and there are fewer chances of not being able to work out because something came up.

Seize upon holiday offers. You can always find inspiration at the gym, and it’s more than likely there will be special offers available because of the holiday season. Free trials, free classes, take advantage of offers to stay motivated.

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