Cool Tops for the Cool Weather

letlertopsNow that the fall is here and in full swing, the weather is absolutely perfect for a hearty workout. The fall weather means wearing clothing that will still soak up a sweat while letting the breeze keep you cool. To make the most of it, why not opt for one of the fun tanks?

For something classic, the LetlerFit Signature Black V-neck hugs your body in all of the right places and will go with just about any outfit. It’s designed to withstand multiple washings nor will it shrink as your body becomes more toned. For something even lighter, the Lipstick and Lunges top is a good option and it’s a lot of fun to wear too. For those of you that require a little motivation and aren’t the biggest fans of putting aside time for a workout, the Cardi…No is a fun, limited edition style. To the beauties that turn into fitness beasts when they hit the gym, the I’m the Beauty and the Beast top is also a fun choice.

You’ll be able to purchase these tops for 30% off on Black Friday plus all LetlerFit apparel and accessories! Make sure to bookmark the website.

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