Breaking a Sweat


Does sweating really define how good of a workout you had? Most workouts leave you sweating so much it looks like you just walked out of a pool. But does that sweating mean that it was a great workout and you burned a good amount of calories? There is a common misconception that how much you sweat determines the amount of calories you burn, which isn’t always true.

Sweating is one of the many ways your body keeps you cool and prevents itself from overheating. When you exercise, your body heats up, stimulating your sweat response. The sweat then evaporates off your skin into the air, and you cool yourself down. However, everyone is unique and so is their sweating. While some people sweat in abundance others hardly sweat at all and might glisten.

We often associate sweat with exercise, and that is not the case. No matter how much or how little you sweat, it doesn’t correlate with how hard you worked out or how many calories you burn.  If you’re trying to lose weight don’t focus on how much you’re sweating, focus on increasing the intensity of your workout and maintaining the routine of working out.

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