Holiday Fitness Tips


Thanksgiving is happening later this month, signaling the beginning of the holiday season. Food will be aplenty and there’s always the added risk of losing track and straying away from your fitness goals. With so many risks involving delicious food, here are a few tips to make sure that the holiday season doesn’t derail your fitness efforts.

The holiday season means you’ll probably be attending parties, doing a little more shopping, and possibly going on vacation. Just because your schedule might be a little busier, it doesn’t mean you should cease working out. Even if time is limited, squeeze in a workout where you can. Plan around your schedule and even if you only manage fifteen or twenty minutes, at least you’re remaining active.

With the holidays, there is a greater temptation to overindulge on some of your favorite food, which you should never do. Try to get into the habit of practicing portion control and remember to keep in mind that less is always more. On that note, make sure to limit any alcohol intake and stay away from sugary drinks.

If you find yourself enjoying one too many holiday desserts, don’t beat yourself up. Always stay positive and simply remember to work out when you can while practicing portion control.

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