Don’t Let a Fitness Tracker Rule Your Life

fitnesstrackerFitness and weight trackers are a fantastic way to keep track of your exercise activity, including how many calories you’ve burned and your heart rate. Assuming you use one, how much emphasis do you place on it? Do you find yourself becoming stressed, anxious, or even guilty if you don’t meet your calorie burning goal? If you’re overexerting yourself with extra exercise because you’re not meeting your goals, it may be time to give all of that information a rest.

Whether you’re keeping track of your nutrition, weight loss, or fitness, feeling like you’re addicted to your device or to an app could mean that you’re allowing your negative thoughts to outweigh the positive ones, potentially placing you in a position where you simply don’t feel like you’re ever good enough. This data can become a persistent reminder of how much you’re aiming to lose or the amount of calories you ate, which is important but is not something you should be constantly thinking about.

If fitness tracking is getting in the way of living your life, it’s hindering you as opposed to helping. Exercise and eating healthy should always be fun and productive as being unhappy will only sway you to quit. If you’re attending fitness boot camp just for its benefits in burning calories, you may be there for the wrong reasons.

Instead of constantly checking the numbers, consider evaluating your body and how it feels during or post workout. Concentrate on your heart rate, energy and breath so that you’re not so reliant on your app or watch. Make realistic, attainable goals so that you see incremental, positive gains you can feel good about. You want to walk 10,000 steps a day? Go for it, but don’t make it a requirement. If you managed 5,000, that’s still tremendous progress.

Take the time to remind yourself what swayed you to begin your fitness journey and how it’s helping you in your life, and never let that voice in your head—or a bunch of numbers on an electronic device—tell you otherwise.

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