Useful Tips for the Gym

gymwomanSo you’ve purchased a new gym membership and you’re excited to begin your workout journey. Unless you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, there may be a few days where you’ll find it a bit of a struggle to go to the gym or stay motivated. With a few simple tips, your gym visits can become much easier.

When eating and working out, timing is imperative. Try to work out when you’re full and you may have to deal with a painful cramp. Working out when you’re hungry means you won’t be able to work your hardest. Any workout snacks you choose to eat prior to your workout should be eaten 30 to 90 minutes prior to your workout and should consist largely of carbs.

An inconvenience you may run into at the gym is crowdedness. For the best workout, you may wish to avoid the gym during peak times such as just before work, lunch, or after most people are out of work. The middle of the morning or afternoon are good times, and if you can hold off until after 7 pm you’ll see less crowds. If you do decide to head to the gym in the evening make sure to have a nourishing snack around 5:30 pm or so.

To get your heart rate up, a cardio machine such as a treadmill is great, but don’t concentrate too much on the calories burned as these machines have a reputation for overestimation. The best way to keep track of your caloric output is to use a heart rate monitor. Speaking of cardio, try to avoid shallow breaths as this could indicate that you’re overexerting yourself and haven’t established a good breath pattern based on the activity you’re doing. The goal is to take stronger, deeper breaths when doing a cardio activity, so make sure to take a moment and find the best rhythm.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of free weights. Weights are essential to build strong, toned muscles. Lifting twice a week can potentially reduce your body fat by three percent in ten weeks if done properly.

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