Add Some Variety to Your Fitness Routine

Are you tired of the conventional jumping jacks, leg curls, and lunges? If a conventional workout isn’t doing it for you and you’d like to spice things up, you might want to give power yoga, Zumba, or maybe even some martial arts a try.

Zumba incorporates a variety of repeated aerobic dance workouts with another activityin various movement planes that burns calories and is also a lot of fun: dance. These dances consist largely of Latin genres like mambo, salsa, and cha-cha and they all focus on burning calories by using each and every part of your body while working your muscles. You can do Zumba at home with little supervision.

Martial arts is much more than just a way to achieve fitness and boost your health. Personally, I am a little biased simply because I dedicated 12 years of my life to martial arts. More specifically tae kwon do, but any martial arts you do will serve not only as a killer way to say in shape but will also work as a way to learn self-defense. Chances are you’ll never feel bored or tired because martial arts stimulates the body and mind. You will need to find an excellent school with incredible instructors because it is something I do not recommend learning on your own, but the mental health and physical fitness is worth it.

Power yoga is different from traditional yoga in how it approaches fitness. There is no excess meditation involved. Instead you’ll be focusing on an intensive flow of specific postures that change quickly, concentrating on endurance and control. These postures will sculpt various muscles around your body, but it should be practiced under supervision to make sure they’re being done properly.

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