Nutrition Tips from an Olympic Athlete

swimmerAre you watching the Rio Olympics at all? If so, you may have wondered how all of those athletes manage to keep their sport-specific physiques (we should all appreciate how different sports create different physiques based on the needs an athlete needs to meet in order to perform in their sport) and how they manage to perform at such optimum levels, breaking records left and right. Every athlete has his or her training regimen and swimmer Elizabeth Beisel is no exception. The two-time Olympic medalist has kept her body in top shape with her own routine and she recently shared some of her nutrition tips which, surprisingly enough, do not involve any kind of special diet.

For starters, it’s important to eat regular meals and snacks. Beisel eats meals throughout the day and begins her morning workout with a high calorie protein shake. Dinner typically consists of lean protein, something like chicken or salmon and a large salad. In other words, it’s important to keep the body fueled throughout the day so that you avoid the odds of binging late at night.

Even though swimmers don’t sweat like other athletes do (Fun fact: the reason we sweat is to lower our body temperature after it naturally rises during exercise.  While the swimmers are in the water the water’s temperature confuses your body causing them to only get thirsty while they are swimming.  Once they get out of the water is when most swimmers start to really sweat), it’s important to always remain hydrated and listen to what your body may be trying to tell you, eating without taking the time to evaluate how a certain food may be impacting the body won’t do you any favors in leading a healthier lifestyle.

To read the rest of Elizabeth Beisel’s nutrition tips, click here.

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