So you want to build a booty?

These days the fitness trends have gone from most women shifting from trying to be skinny to trying to be fit, lean, and growing a booty.  One of the most common misconceptions I hear from “skinny” women is that they can’t grow a booty because they are naturally skinny.  Another common misconception I get from bottom heavy women is that they can’t lose their booty.  While genetics does play a role, it is VERY POSSIBLE to counteract our big booty/flat booty genetics.  Just like every other part of our body out booty is made up of muscles and can carry fat.  Also like every other part of our body, its muscle can grow and start to get definition as well as lose fat.  For some, it just might require that much more work, which is OKAY! That just means, when you hit your booty goal, you’ll feel that much more proud of that accomplishment.

The hardest part about booty building is learning how to activate the gluteal muscles because oftentimes our stronger muscles (quads & hamstrings) try to take over the exercise naturally.  Once you learn how to active the 3 different gluteal muscles, the booty building becomes a lot easier.

Muscle #1: Gluteus Maximus

It is the largest muscle in our body (believe it or not) and is responsible for hip and thigh extension  as well as spine and pelvis stabilization.  What exercises can you do for the Gluteus Max.? Kick backs, glute emphasize squats, bulgarian split squats, lunges, deadlifts, glute press, & more.  Those are just a few.  I will advise that it is very easy to squat in a way that will grow your quads more than your actual glutes. So be sure you’re activating the gluteus maximus.

Muscle #2: Gluteus Medius

Is also for hip stabilization, and to grow it you can add bridges to your booty routine.

Muscle #3: Gluteus Minimus

Is in my opinion the hardest one to learn how to activate because it is the smallest one.  I recommend adding fire hydrants and glute circles to your routine.

Personally, my genetics lean towards flat booty syndrome.  However, after learning how to activate my glutes and formulating a regimen that works for me I have been able to add 4.75 inches to my booty.  If you’re interested in more definition, losing cellulite, firmer booty, nicer legs here’s the link to my program: Booty By Letler and as a thank you for reading my post here’s 25% off with code “Booty25”



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