Welcome to My World!

Hi Everyone! My name is Melissa Letellier, I am a 21 year International Relations, Political Science, and Nutrition Dietetics Major as well as a business minor.  Crazy, I’m aware.  I changed my mind a little late in the game and decided, why not finish IR and Poli Sci? Aside from being a full time student, I am a Martial Artist turned Crossfitter.  I also, teach a woman’s glutes group.  My love for fitness and of course funky leggings, inspired me to develop my own line of fitness clothing for both Men and Women, called LetlerFit.  To go with the apparel I am publishing my very own workout program; “Get LetlerFit in 30 days.”  “Get LetlerFit in 30 days” will become to first installment of body weight at home programs that will eventually be expanded into dumbbell and resistance band training program (Yes, I am Personal Fitness Trainer certified). Aisde from helping people reach their fitness goals through health and fitness, I love the color pink, animals (I’m a vegetarian-for health and animal loving reasons I respect everyones diet), knowledge, my boyfriend of 3 and a half years, my pets handsome (chinese crested hairless), spike (chinese crested powderpuff), tigger (rescue cat), asuna (rescue cat/demon), marshmallow (Male Dwarf Rabbit), snuggles (Female Dwarf Rabbit), and blooper (accidental dwarf rabbit).  I am a workaholic, heavy-metal listening,  and goal driven.  Please excuse any grammatical errors/typos in this or any future posts.  I save my grammar for my academic papers.  No need to be perfect all of time.   I am excited to start my first blog, any suggestions on topics you would like me to blog about, do not hesitate to let me know! And remember, “Stay so hungry, you never stop eating.”  103my own personal transformation.  Have a goal? I would love to coach you and help you become the best version of yourself.  LetlerFit@gmail.com


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